Are you properly removing your gel nails at home?

By Esther Muchene | Tuesday, Aug 14th 2018 at 08:20
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Gel manicures are a favourite for many women due to their durability and extra shine. Since there is no base coat applied in gel manicures, removing the gel polish can be quite harsh and damaging to your nails if not done properly.

If you do not have the time to get them removed at a salon, you can take them off at home but very carefully.

Here are some tips to follow so as to safely remove your gel manicure at home. 


The first step is to remove the shiny surface of the gel that seals it. To do this, use a nail file and buff each nail gently. Do this until there is no more shine and you are left with a powdery matte finish. Be careful not to buff too much to the extent that you can see your nail, that will be going too far. Soak

Once that is done, take a cotton ball that is about the size of your nail and dip it in a 100% acetone nail polish remover. Once it is soaked in acetone, place it on your nail and wrap your finger with aluminum foil or masking tape so as to hold the cotton ball in place. Do this for every nail and make sure the cotton ball is wrapped tightly enough so as to apply some pressure. Be careful not to cut off your circulation when doing this. Leave the nails wrapped for about 15 minutes so as to loosen the gel. Remove

The third step is to take off the cotton pieces. Using a wooden cuticle stick, push any remaining gel nail polish off the nail. There is no need to force the gel if it does not move. Do not scrap or dig at it either as this will be damaging to your nails. Simply dip another piece of cotton in acetone and re-wrap the nail. Wait for five to seven minutes and then try to remove the gel again. Moisturize

Once you have removed all the gel, wash your hands and moisturize your nails by applying cuticle oil to the cuticle and entire nail. The acetone will have sucked out the moisture from your nails so this moisturizing process is very important. Once this is done your nails should remain strong and healthy.

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