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6 Fun inclusive indoor activities for the family.


There are very few times a family will have to spend time behind closed doors for a prolonged period. With the current situation in the country, parents are not letting their children leave the house and it can begin to feel a little dull in the house. To avoid boredom and crankiness, you can try do fun stuff together. Whether out of choice, social experiment, an apocalypse or a family of introverts, here are things you can do together that don’t involve chores.

1.Watch Movies: Classics, documentaries, animations or a movie that is a family favorite, you can all gather around in the living room, pick a spot and enjoy the motion creation. In case you have a projector, you could use it instead of the regular TV to make the moment extra.

2.Play board games: because they are an easy game that involves everyone’s thinking, creativity and engagement. Sadly, these games do not favor younger children but either way, it can be used as a moment of training depending on the age. You can choose from chess, scrabble, monopoly, snakes and ladders, Ludo and so forth. This is also a good moment to detox from electronics.

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3.Video games: not everyone is into the same thing. There are those that prefer video games than anything. Good thing these games are also involving. As long as you have enough consoles, the game can be a fun one or a competitive one. Whatever game you choose has to be inclusive, otherwise, it beats sense.

4.Create home videos: good thing about these is that they last a lifetime. Whoever is taking the videos can just have random moments so that the end results look like fun. Do not have a sit down with interviews like a convict confessional.

5.Tell and share stories: Story telling might have been your grandparent’s favorite pastime but it doesn’t have to die with them. Regardless of how many times you have told a story, fiction or real, you can always retell it if has valuable teaching especially the young ones would find useful growing up. Bible stories, folk tales, fables and all fit the bill, be creative and make it a fun activity.

6.Speak with each other: with the current digital takeover, it is becoming easier for people like each other’s pictures than it is carry out conversations in person. The value of human physical interaction cannot be replaced by any other. If anything, it brings the family closer. During these conversations, be keen to listen too, give everyone a fair chance to speak, otherwise it will turn into a lecture.

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