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The best markets to shop for heels in Nairobi

 Thrift shopping guarantees you unique affordable heels (Photo: Second Hand Shoes/ Facebook)

Finding nice heels can sometimes be a stressful task. Yes, you can shop for expensive brand new heels but it’s not always a guarantee that you will be happy with your options not to mention every lady having the same heel on.

However, the other alternative is thrift shopping. With thrifting, you are guaranteed to get unique heels.

The prices are also gentle on your wallet, a better quality and actually last longer than some of the new ones, talk of a triple win.

The big question is where do you find them?

You can get amazing heels if you just learn to look in the right places. If you’re on the hunt for some killer heels in the 254, here are some great places worth a try:

Gikomba market

Gikomba is a famous shopping spot that people love to visit. If you’re looking to do big projects like sofa makeovers this is the place to be. You can also find so many cute items to add to your closet, including trendy jewelry and of course heels!

If you want to go heel hunting, you can score a couple here. You will spot so many nice shoes and by the time you’re done, you will go back home with at least one or two good unique pairs.

Bus station

I’ve gone thrift shopping at Bus station before and I’ve managed to find some of the most unique items there. Most of them are in very good condition and the prices are great when you’re on a budget.

Here they have a couple of stalls around and you might find something you will like for even 500 bob or less.

It’s a convenient spot especially if that’s where you board your matatus for home or even pass by whenever you’re around town. So when you’re ready, go check the new stock they have because they always do.

Think Twice

Think Twice has completely revolutionised thrift shopping. You don’t have to go through the hustle of digging through piles of items to find what you want because everything is already hanged for you and ready.

You can find them in various estates around Nairobi. Each shop usually has its own unique items so you should explore different shops on different days near you.

Toi market

Toi has been a great thrifting market for so many years. You can find items that look brand new and even some designer pieces too.

Toi doesn’t disappoint when it comes to heels also. There are different price ranges and although some might be slightly pricey, you will still manage to get the good quality items you’ve been looking for.

CBD streets

In the CBD, you can come across amazing items at the most random days. In the evenings there are hawkers who come to sell items in different streets and you can literally find so many nice items for your wardrobe.

You will find some unique heels that you can quickly try and buy on your way home and in case you need other items, you will find those too.

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