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Ten reasons why your spouse snoops through your phone

 Why your spouse snoops through your phone.

No one wants to snoop or investigate their spouse. No one wants to act like an FBI or CID agent in marriage. But many are forced to do this because their spouses are acting shady. If you were trustworthy your spouse wouldn't need to investigate you looking for evidence. You have made your spouse insecure, your spouse is questioning your loyalty to the love you both have because you are acting weird.

The tragedy is that the ones who get snooped on by their spouse end up attacking their spouse for snooping. When the spouse finds evidence of an affair they recklessly say "Good for you, you found what you are looking for". This shows you actually don't care about hurting your spouse. If the marriage meant anything to you, you would feel bad that you have made your spouse fearful.

When you make your spouse secure, when you are honest, faithful and transparent; your spouse will not need to snoop on you, your spouse will not mind you having friends or chatting honourably with people on the phone. But when you do a bad job of protecting your spouse, your spouse will most likely snoop on you to protect himself/herself. If whatever fishy things you are doing with your phone are more important than your family, then you have your priorities messed up and you need to change.

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Here are ten reasons why your spouse snoops through your phone

1. You are acting suspicious. Investigations only start when there is suspicion.

2. You are being very guarded and defensive with your phone. Answering calls away from your spouse, tilting your phone away from your spouse who shares everything with you including a future. You have made your spouse wonder what do you have inside there?

3. Your social media activity is suspect. You hide your spouse online, no photos of you two together, you spend a lot of time chatting in secret as you smile, you block your spouse from being your Facebook friend. This has fueled concerns on your spouse and has to be looked into.

4. A lot of money is going out especially through your mobile banking or MPESA or you seem to be getting money somewhere. Your spouse senses something fishy. Your spouse knows you are getting money but wondering who you are sending it to? Snooping might reveal the truth.

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5. Suddenly your phone behavior has changed especially after finding new friends or reconnecting with your ex. Suddenly you have passwords which you didn't have.

6. You have started coming home late and not telling your spouse your whereabouts. Your phone will reveal your activity and who you are with.

7. Your communication with your spouse has changed for the worse, you no longer bother. Your spouse senses your focus is on someone else and believes your phone will tell the truth.

8. Your spouse has overheard something bad about you or is getting an uncomfortable vibe from you and wants to see if the fears are true.

9. You are acting the same way your spouse's ex used to act; secretive and deceptive. You are scaring your spouse and uncovering an old would. You are making your spouse fear that you could be doing the wrongs the ex did yet your spouse thought you would be different.

10. Your spouse noticed a certain message, photo or video on your phone and wants to dig deeper to find out who that person is to you.

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