Signs that your spouse is secretly unhappy.

Being unhappy in a relationship can be unhealthy. Some partners are comfortable enough to confide in their spouses when they feel something is amiss, which is good. Other partners will instead slowly drift apart for being unhappy. The following are signs that your partner is secretly unhappy.

You spend less time together

If your partner is unhappy, he/she will always find excuses to be away from you. “I have a ‘business meeting’… my boss requires me to work late at night” … any kind of excuse will be brought up to make sure you do not get to spend time together. Once this happens, the connection between you two starts to fade away slowly.

You don’t argue or there is silent treatment

Simply because your partner is silent doesn’t mean he/she is okay. In fact, silence speaks volumes. Couples argue from time to time; some experts even claim that it’s healthy for the relationship. So when you think you are in paradise because there are no arguments between you, take caution. Some women use the silent treatment as a cry for help and if the situation is not handled in the right way, breaking up is inevitable.

Unhappy couple.

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There’s very minimal communication 

Communication is undeniably a key ingredient in any relationship. It is the only way you can understand each other. If he doesn’t call as often as he used to or text, without any valid reasons, something is wrong and especially if it becomes a trend.

He/ she develops ‘queer’ hobbies 

When your partner starts acquiring so many electronics or finds very strange hobbies, it only means that they are trying to replace you with something else. He has no interest in you and can’t wait to be out of your life.

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He/she becomes emotionally unavailable and finds solace in social media 

When your partner becomes emotionally unavailable, online dating becomes an acquired interest to him. Research shows that “online relationships have a certain seductive appeal which in some ways could be potentially more damaging to an offline relationship than an offline affair.” So if your partner replies to your questions with one-word answers or uses gestures while talking to you, the interest is simply not there.