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Why modern marriages founded on 'love' are bound to fail


Things are not as they seem. We take the saying quite casually not knowing that everything that we do in our lives today more or less revolves around it. The modern world, with the evolution of the internet and the networked distribution of smartphones that can do almost everything, people in this generation have been subjected to a lot of information.

Some scientists claim that children who are more accustomed to internet use are either very clever or the opposite, depending on what they use the internet for. The internet is the best and at the same time the worst source of information. It can build or corrupt. It just depends on convenience. 

Speaking of convenience and how it directly applies to the quote ‘things are not as they seem’, I just do not believe that marriages these days are founded on love as they once were. I watch a lot of wedding shows and I tend to wait for the part where the bride is interviewed.

“Why did you fall in love with this man?” is the question that is of utmost importance. The bride would always respond to this by giving a naïve answer like, “He is an honest man.” This gets me thinking, was honesty the sole reason why this woman had to change her lifestyle and commit to another? Was honesty the reason why the woman had to leave the comfort of her parents and move into the hands of another person whom she knew just a couple of years back? I don’t think so.

Like some rap song I heard says... “If it ain’t about the money…” Here is the truth. Modern marriages are founded on convenience. A woman can never go back to her lifestyle. Never. The same way a man can never go backwards sexually. Convenience. Have you ever heard people saying money is not everything? Well money is everything and everything is what everybody wants.

A rich man wants nothing more than a submissive wife. A woman want’s nothing more than a providing husband. And with this kind of evolution, women want men who can provide fully. People in denial will say that it’s not true but once they get there they realise the same thing. If I was a woman, I’d rather live with a man who can keep a roof over my head and take my kids to school than one who is below middle class and lives life on a daily basis. Women want men with plans.

Sometimes, the reason a woman gets herself into a convenient marriage is to prove a point to her ever so complaining parents that she can find a capable man. No parent wants their daughter to get married to a poor lovely man, the dowry won’t just seem right. Richness rules every single thing in a marriage.

Maybe convenience is the reason why gays and transgender community fought so hard for legalisation of same sex marriage. Come to think of it, a brother would rather marry another brother because it’s convenient. Trust me, brothers know how to survive.  But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

So, if you are a man and dream of that submissive and loyal wife, make money. Make money as if you’re selling it. If you are a lady looking for a man, choose one who will make your life easier, in other words, convenient.

Love drowned with the titanic. Marriages built on love these days only result to civil wars. Speaking of civil wars, Captain America Civil War comes out soon. Which side are you on? Make sure it’s convenient.

Robert Abong’o

Twitter: tano_robert

Instagram: robahtano

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