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"Some people never learn! I can easily assure that Omosh got more than 1 million from my show- Jalang'o hits out at Omosh's claims

 Jalang'o [Courtesy]

Barely a few hours after Omosh once again sought out for financial help, media personality Jalang’o has called him out and set the record straight about the whole matter surrounding the actor.

Jalang’o was one of the people who helped out the actor by mobilizing people to help out Omosh and his family. He dismissed claims he received less than a million shillings. He stated that while on his show, Omosh got more than 700,000 in cash while other well wishers resulted to sending their contribution via his account and phone number.

"Some people never learn! I can easily assure that Omosh got more than 1 million from my show. Personally in cash he got more than 700K, then people sent money directly to him. I hosted him 2 weeks after he came out…people had already started sending him money @Zeroherepropertiesltd got him land and @sungtimber1built him a house @Honalinur gave him food worth 60k and another 100K in Cash! Hii ni Ujinga tu” said Jalang’o

On his part, Hon Alinur was shocked at the fact that someone would take his financial aid for granted adding that he will never again come to the ators rescue.

“This is unbelievable. Unfortunately once I have sacrificed and helped you only to realize that you took my efforts for granted, I can never help you again. Bure kabisa” said Alinur.

While appearing in a local television channel, actor Omosh appealed for help adding that all the people who had promised to lend a helping hand did not keep up with their promises.

The actor also added that he is back to where he started (empty pockets) as he used the money received to pay off his debts.

“Manze kama ulisema unanitumia kakitu kwani kaliendaje? Bado nategea tu… Kusema tu uwkeli nilipata less than Sh1 million shillings. Nikalipa madeni, chuo ya watoi, juu nilikuwa nimekaa one year, four months bila kulipa.

“Nililipa Madeni nikabaki zero, so sai madeni zinaweza kuja nikicheza... but so far chuo, hao, food… Manze mnidunge katitu bana... Number ni 0727054141. Tuma kakitu.

“Sai nikapata mtu aninunulie tu camera, tripod, lights mbili na microphone, sasa ni wache kuomba. Juu huyo jamaa atakuwa amenipatia capital ingine ile wacha tu,” said Omosh.

He sought for financial help after coming out publicly in February stating that he was at the time depending on friends to provide for his family.

“Life has been so difficult. I cannot provide meals for my family. My children are even wondering what has become of me...There is nothing as hard as waking up every morning and there is nowhere I am going. You see people going to work and coming back and you have nowhere to go. It is very painful," said Omosh.



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