Body confidence, a better sex life - cougars tell all about their toy boys

Cougars. Toy boys. It's hard to say either word without sniggering a little, right? Well, it turns out that the joke's on you if you haven't given dating across the years a try.

A survey by website Toyboy Warehouse has found that 33% of those asked are having sex more than three times a week. The reason for this level of? A new relationship with a more energetic, younger man!

Toyboy Warehouse was founded by toy boy dater Julia Macmillian, with the aim of breaking the taboo surrounding age-gap relationships.

Male daters on the site can only select a female match who is older than them, and women can only search younger. As a result, the average age difference between partners is 12 years.

Over a third of those surveyed described average age gaps of 15 years between themselves and their sexual partners, and 52 of the 300 daters have had relationships with someone 20 years older or younger than them.

One 31-year-old male who answered the survey described his average sexual partner as 33 years older than him.

Traditionally online dating can be tough for women over 40. It’s widely recognized that as singles get older, men are less likely to look for partners their own age. And so often older women can become the forgotten generation of online daters.

96% of those surveyed described using Toyboy Warehouse as having a positive effect on their sex lives.

Of those who have come to the site following a divorce, as staggering 70% admit they have more sex now they are single than they did in their marriage.

Over 60% of those answering the survey have sex more than once a more than once a month. A third of those surveyed have sex more than three times a week.

The majority of women cited a new relationship with a more energetic, younger man as the cause for these changes.