Two missing men found dead inside vehicle in Lucky Summer

Bodies of two missing men found in a vehicle in Lucky Summer area, Nairobi. [iStockphoto]

The bodies of two men who were reported missing on Sunday, May 22, were found in a Toyota Vitz in Lucky Summer, Nairobi, yesterday.

According to a report at the Lucky Summer Police Station, the owner of the Toyota Vitz had also reported his vehicle missing on Sunday, May 22.

Yesterday [Thursday, May 26], the vehicle’s owner, Jeremiah Malaba Nasikungu, was informed by his friend that the missing car had been spotted in an open area in Gathecha.

The two would visit the area accompanied by police officers only to find two bodies of middle-aged adults locked inside the car.

The front and rear number plates of the vehicle had also been removed.

The bodies, which were already rotting, could not be immediately identified.

Police suspect that the two could have been strangled to death as they had blisters around their necks and arms.

The bodies were moved to City Mortuary awaiting identification and postmortem.