Nurturing young minds to think big

Having books in the house, reading out loud, and engaging a child to share thoughts on the stories they read are some of the ways to inspire a child to be a reader. 

A visit to the bookstore is a good adventure too. In this way, a child knows where to buy books on their own as they grow older.

Kids’ corner

This is why Text Book Centre opened a new bookstore at Sarit Business Centre with a corner dedicated to kids.

Little ones can now pick books from shelves and have a playful reading experience at Text Book Centre.

It is hard to miss the kids’ corner as there is a signboard labelled TBC KIDS at the corner right steps from the entrance.

In that section stands small-sized shelves, widely apart from each other stocked with art supplies and books. It gives space for children to run around as they pick which books they want.

Kids’ Club

A reading corner is at a far-end spot. The walls are decorated with animated children and animals to bring out the vibrancy children naturally have. The spot is filled with small wooden chairs and a table where children can sit and read. There are white counters where children can paint and draw.

The store founded TBC Kids’ Club to swell an experience for the children. Parents can sign up for children to take part in the club. The club invites trainers to work with children on activities like painting, reading, debate sessions, and so on every Saturday morning.

The store also hosts a reading lounge for adults, an IT area and artists will enjoy a dedicated art space. Book lovers and authors can host events like book signings and book clubs at the reading lounge.

Text Book Centre Group Managing Director Armand Houahu said that the new store aims to give experiential shopping, promote education and reading culture. Readers can also have a look inside the pages before they make a buying decision.

“I am convinced that people will be able to come and have a learning experience. There are hobbies for people of all ages to be involved in. We want to give experiential shopping to our customers. It is not only a store. It is a community centre for education and for people to come and have an experience with books,” said Armand.

The flagship ceremony was headed by Her Excellency First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and Cabinet Secretary George Magoha. Her Excellency First Lady Margaret commended the extension of access to quality and affordable education to children from different backgrounds.