Samburu leaders back disarmament to end rising insecurity

By Boaz Kipngeno

Samburu, Kenya: Samburu County leaders want disarmament operation conducted across counties in the Northern Kenya to curb rising insecurity.

Leaders who spoke at the Jamhuri Day celebrations in Maralal said that only a major disarmament exercise across the counties will stop the flow of illegal arms from Isiolo used to fuel insecurity.

The leaders noted that development cannot be achieved in the region while their people are still living in fear.

Samburu County Governor Moses Lenolkulal said it is better for the government to let Kenya Defence Forces carry out a disarmament exercise and open up the roads in the area to ease access.

Lenolkulal said the military should come with their machinery to open up the land all the way to Suguta Valley during the operation so that wildlife conservancies are secured for tourism.

County Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga however warned that the operation, if carried out, will affect all regardless of age and gender.

“We are aware of few individuals who disrupt peace and we have their names. Their days are numbered and will soon face the law not as a tribe but as individuals,” warned Nyagwanga.

Samburu Senator Sammy Leshore said it is only the Samburu community who surrendered their arms during the previous operation and have continued to be attacked from all sides by the neighbouring communities.

“We have not relent in preaching peace and we are not tired but let disarmament cut across all communities,” urged Leshore.

Samburu West MP Jonathan Lelelit demanded for an operation for the bandits who killed 42 police officers last year at the Suguta Valley in Baragoi.

“We can’t keep quiet while 50 guns are in the hands of bandits who still roam freely and they killed our officers,” said the MP.