Jilted suitor jailed 30 years for splashing acid in woman's eyes

Lab technician mixing acidic contents. [File, Stabdard]

A suitor who splashed corrosive liquid in a househelp's eyes, permanently damaging her eyesight, for turning down his advances will serve 30 years in jail.

Mombasa Senior Resident Magistrate Gladys Ollimo said it was unfortunate that Fatuma Kaingu, will not enjoy one of the most important senses for the rest of her life.

During the hearing, the court heard that Mohammed Kombo splashed Kaingu with acid so that she would never lay her eyes on any other man.

Kaingu said Kombo turned violent after she rejected his advances. The infuriated man splashed the victim's eyes with corrosive liquid.

On an eventful day, the victim narrated that she had finished her daily chores at her employer's house in Tudor, Mombasa, when Kombo stormed in.

"He held my hands and started to pull me out. During the confrontation, he removed a small bottle from his pocket that had some liquid and sprayed my eyes," said Kaingu.

She told the court that after the liquid entered her eyes, she felt severe pain, and that is when she screamed for help.

As Kaingu was writhing in pain, Kombo shouted at her, bragging that she would never lay her eyes on any other man.

"He told me that I will not see again since I had refused to give in to his advances,” she told the court.

The magistrate said the victim would not enjoy her hobbies or see the beauty of the world.

She ruled that although the accused pleaded for leniency from the court, saying he had a young family, it was not easy to ignore the fact the victim lost her eyesight due to his action.

"The accused is sentenced to 30 years in prison,” said Ollimo in her ruling. 

Kombo was charged with grievous harm contrary to section 234 of the Penal Code.

He charged that on November 15, 2021, at around 8: 40 pm in the Tudor area in Mvita sub county, Mombasa county, he unlawfully did grievous harm to Kaingu.

Kombo denied the charges. Kaingu’s family expressed disappointment, saying the 30-year jail term was not enough for what he did to their daughter, leading to permanent blindness.