Drama and intrigues of Mtwapa

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Driving from Malindi to Mombasa through the quiet and laid back Kilifi, Mtwapa hits you as the fastest growing town at the Coast.

Bubbling with energy and optimism, new buildings such as apartments, bars, restaurants, discos and other key entertainment spots are coming up left, right and centre.

Finding affordable accommodation is easy. There are many nice clean rooms available for around Sh600 or even lesser a night.

Mtwapa is also teeming with young good-looking men and women dressed in the latest coastal fashion and strutting around full of confidence.

Revellers enjoy themselves in an entertainment club in Mtwapa.

What is the ‘secret’ of this town’s growth and affluence, you may ask?

Lavish living

After talking to and having drinks with residents, I came to the conclusion that, more than any other coastal town, Mtwapa’s fortunes have much to do with elderly citizens from Germany and Switzerland. These guests lavishly spend their retirement money here.

It has even a bar called ‘Bahnhof’ (railway station) where, besides many other places, foreigners love to meet and entertain old and new friends. At Mtwapa, the visitors find true companionship unlike in Europe where loneliness is their portion.

It is a fact that their children no longer feel obliged to take care of them, a sorry state that is also taking root in Nairobi too. Like in most coastal towns, these elderly visitors have hordes of willing young men and women to choose from for companionship.

Packed spots

And there is no shortage of meeting places. At night, the Mtwapa main street, which lines the Malindi-Mombasa highway lights up like the famous gambling city Las Vegas, but of course the coastal way! Entertainment spots are lined one after another and all packed to capacity, especially on weekends.

In September, the tourist season picks up again mainly because the cold winter season sets in Europe bringing in many tourists. They arrive with suitcases full of presents for their friends, lovers and extended families.

It is interesting to watch the arrival of the chartered planes from Europe with grannies and grandpas. Without fail, the toy-boys and girls dress up for the occasion and gather to pick up their ‘friends’, or ATM machines as they call them.

Life is sweet for both parties, but not all have happy endings.

To be continued...

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