Mudavadi advocates for strategic reorientation amidst global challenges

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi. [Standard, File]

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has urged the adoption of policies that keep pace with the country’s evolving global landscape.

 During a public lecture at the United States International University (Africa) on Friday, March 22, in Nairobi, Mudavadi presented Kenya’s Grand Strategy, a roadmap for national prosperity amidst global changes.

 “We must align our efforts with the changing world,” he said.

  Mudavadi advocated for a strategic reorientation that leverages the nation’s potential and navigates the intricacies of contemporary global challenges.

  He called for an approach that includes economic, diplomatic, defence, technological and societal aspects.

 “Our grand strategy is a tapestry of interconnected initiatives aimed at achieving our foreign policy objectives,” he added.

Mudavadi who also doubles as Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Cabinet Secretary, emphasised the country’s commitment to proactive global engagement and Pan-African cooperation.

 “Kenya’s foreign policy outlook is both an opportunity and a challenge shaped by global geopolitics,” he noted, advocating for a proactive stance in advancing African interests while forging strategic alliances worldwide.

 He highlighted the relationship between domestic development and international engagement, stating that foreign policy is a function of domestic policy.

 The event was attended by the University Council Chair, Kris Senanu, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof Amos Njuguna and Prof Macharia Munene, the university’s Professor of History and International Relations.

 The lecture engaged the university community on how Kenya is using its diplomacy to advance strategic dialogue and action on global development, peace and security, climate change and Diaspora issues.

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