Kenya urges international partnerships for trade, development

Industrialization PS Dr Juma Mukwahana with Kenya's envoy to Austria with Ambassador Magdi Ahmed Mofadal of Sudan [Courtesy: Ministry of Trade]

The Kenyan government has called for concerted efforts in the provision of services to better outcomes in sustainable development goals.

Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industry (MITI) PS Dr Juma Mukhwana called upon a United Nations agency to support the course.

Dr Mukhwana said the partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) will ensure growth in resources.

"We reiterate our support for the Director General's ongoing reforms at UNIDO - especially those aimed at improving the Organization's overall effectiveness and results," said Dr Mukhwana.

UNIDO supports fair and responsible local industrial production and trade. Supply chains are essential to trade, and trade is essential to job creation.

Dr Mukhwana spoke when he addressed the organization's board and call upon the extension of the UNIDO Regional Field Offices and reinforcement of their Field Office in Kenya.

Dr Mukhwana said this will increase the capacity of the organization to implement its operations.

"We believe that boosting the capacity of UNIDO Field Offices will further foster needed improvements in project coordination with national governments and policymakers, and ultimately lead to better outcomes for UNIDO," said Dr Mukhwana.

He said that these reforms will ensure that the organization gears on its ambitions towards the projects.

"We recognize the necessity for further efforts and additional strategic collaborations in order to fully achieve the intended objectives of this ambitious project," said Dr Mukhwana.

PS said through the funds from the organization, the government has rolled out some projects and is eyeing for more to foster inclusivity and sustainable growth in the country's economy.

"We are glad to inform the Industrial Development Board (IDB) of the recent launch of the County Aggregation and Industrial Parks Projects in Kenya rolled out across all 47 counties in Kenya which will focus on a maximum of five agro-products priority value chains - thereby fostering inclusive and sustainable industrial development across the entire Country," said Dr Mukhwana.

He added that the program will converge all the stakeholders in the sector and also provide an opportunity to venture into more options.

"The projects will provide a platform for multi-stakeholder engagement with the Kenya Government and provide private sector and development partners with the opportunity to take part in Kenya's industrialization agenda," he said.

At the same time, Dr Mukhwana called upon UNIDO to release Sh7.31 billion set to revamp the manufacturing sector to counter the global economic and geopolitical changes.

"We commend UNIDO's endeavors to deploy US$ 73.1 million from the technical cooperation contributions that were aimed at revamping manufacturing activity in Africa," he said.

Additionally, Dr Mukwana challenged UNIDO, development partners, and other stakeholders to explore partnership opportunities with Kenya to establish the 47 County Aggregation and Industrial Parks.

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