How to invest in stocks

Dear Hustle,

I want to invest in stocks, what advice can you offer?

I am new to the world of stock markets, but I want to begin investing some of my savings there. What do I need to know?

Peter Nzioka.

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Dear Peter,

First, read the signs

Monitor the stock exchange to see how share prices are performing. Also, if a company has good results yearly and quarterly, it gives you an upper hand of knowing whether it is doing well. You compare the half year with the other year and that will show you whether it is going to do well or not.

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Secondly, stay informed.

Companies announce their quarterly reports in the Press. For shareholders, they also post brochures and sometimes brokers know how different companies are performing.

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So invest, buy shares and when your name is on CBS/CDS records, they get your contacts and you will start getting information.

Performance of a company also depends on the CEOs and Finance Directors. Business news reports in the Press also let you know which individuals are doing well and which ones are not.

Alois Chami is a self-made investor with shares in over 60 listed firms in the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Alois Chami
We asked you to send in your hustle gripes and you did. In turn, we got answers from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors.

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