How to find the right location for your business

Dear Hustle,

I am thinking of starting a business and I would like to know from experienced entrepreneurs, the key things I should know are.

Benjamin Okoth.

Dear Okoth,

I have had more than two decades of running businesses. Some have failed while others have thrived. And for my businesses that died, I realised one thing.

Location matters a great deal. Where one sets up a business can determine its success or failure. For example, one of my restaurants.

Every time I opened it up for business, it failed and we would shut it down. But it picked up on the fourth try.

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While my choice of business partners was also questionable, location played a huge part. And after figuring this one detail out, I reopened and it flourished. To date.  

The right location gives a business competitive advantage. Understand the ecosystem within which the business will operate.

KRIS SENANU, a business owner.

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