I make Sh800 a-day selling sausages and chicken pieces

Sarafina Wanjiku Njihia, 24
I worked for three months with a Nyeri based hotel, then called it quits in the world of employment and decided to be my own employer instead. I relocated to Nakuru looking forward to making it in business, and used part of the saving to invest in a chicken meat and sausage business.

Not every investment is off to a good start, especially in a place you’re new to and where your presence takes time to register. And so it was to this start I began, sometimes with recriminations if I made a wise investment decision.

Whereas raw pieces or whole of dressed chicken stock was moving slowly, the take away grilled and sausages proved a hit, perhaps the aroma of the former serving as the attraction.

There is nothing as discouraging as preparing items for sale and lacking customers. I sometimes end up putting everything in a freezer, and this increases power usage charges.

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There is also no guarantee I’ll get stock owing to unreliable supply – today there could be a surplus of dressed chicken and tomorrow a deficit of same as the supplier(s) can shortchange one to a competition.

Not every customer is creditworthy as it takes long to establish good rapport, and so I’m always cautious with whom I extend credit to.

I’m better off than when I was employed and content being my own boss. There’s no clocking in and clocking out. The flexibility of time allowing me space to do other things on the side.

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After factoring in the operational costs, I make between Sh600 to Sh800 on a good day. 

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