How to deactivate promotional messages on your safaricom line

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“I am receiving as messages from various numbers on my phone and some do not have an opt-out option, is there a way to block or stop them?” this is arguably the most asked question nowadays.

Roughly, we receive an average of five promotional messages per day. Well, I bet you have already received one this morning.

These marketing SMS messages are the unsolicited texts that are sent by companies advertising their products and services to mobile subscribers.

Companies are opting for this type of marketing simply because millions of people own mobile phones today and therefore, it presents an effective low-cost option. But is it really effective? How many of those texts have you opened and actually found useful information? I bet, out of five, you are only interested in one.

The obvious reason why many people don’t even bother to check them is that they are irrelevant and don’t give them value for their money.

Unless they are offering a discount code to use on the next purchase, majority of the people really do not have time to even read through the promotional text.

Advertisers have taken advantage of our basic need for connection to bombard us with messages that most we didn’t subscribe to.

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The worst of it all is that some of these so-called promotional messages, are eating into our airtime. This is the bit where we all get frustrated. Imagine buying your airtime on a budget, later to learn that the airtime is no more- thanks to a text message that you did not even wish to receive in the first place! So, what do you do? Is there a way out of this? Or are you doomed forever?

Relax, the good news is that you can get rid of all the subscriptions you do not want on your Safaricom line easily. All you have to is follow these simple steps;

Wait a minute, don’t rush. First, check your messages for the names and numbers of PROMOTIONS that you don’t want to send you texts and note them down. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

So, here’s how we go about it:  Dial *456#, Reply with 9: STOP, Reply with 5: PROMOTIONAL MESSAGES, Reply with 1: STOP, enter the sender name you wish to stop

But if you are the impatient type, well, I have not forgotten you yet, I have a shortcut when using USSD code.

Dial *456*9*5*1# to skip right to entering the name!

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