Man reveals how he strangled tycoon businessman

Ngira Karisa Charo at the Mombasa High Court after confessing the murder of Nairobi businessman Issak Kassim alias Sokorow on March 8, 2018
MOMBASA, KENYA: A man who was jailed for eight years after he confessed to murdering a Mombasa tycoon in Malindi last year Tuesday revealed how they strangled the victim in a speeding car.

Ngira Karisa Charo 31  narrated to Justice Erick Ogola in Mombasa how Isaac Jorow alias Sokoro was lured to his death after being kidnapped in Nyali before being driven to Lango Baya in Malindi.

“Isaac Jorow was advised by EddLied Mandi Jilani to team with us in a hired vehicle which was being driven by Ruwa Buni to travel to Malindi,” said Ngira.

Ngira was testifying in a murder trial of Eddlied Mandi Jilani and Ruwa Buno who have denied that on March 8  last year they jointly with another not before the court murdered  Isaac Jorow alias Sokoro.

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Ngira gave the evidence a few minutes after Justice Ogola jailed him for eight years instead of being sentenced to hang for the murder charge he was facing along with Eddlied Mandi Jilani and Ruwa Buno.

The man offered to give evidence against his accomplices after entering a bargain sentence with the State.

He told the court that they used a rope to strangle Jorow around the neck in a moving vehicle, driven by Eddlied Jilani.

Alloyce Kemo led the prosecution while Jared Magolo is representing the accused.

According to Ngira, Jilani who was a driver with Kilifi County Government was the mastermind of the murder.

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Jilani approached me thrice to kill for her somebody she never revealed to me until the day of the murder when I realised who the man was,” said Ngira

“The witness recalled how on March 8, 2018, he was approached by Ruwa to accompany him to an undisclosed destination in a hired car,” recalled Ngira.

He told the court   Ruwa drove him to Mombasa where Isaac Jorow came and joined them in a vehicle before they drove towards Kilifi.

“As Ruwa was driving me and Isaac Jorow to Kilifi, Jilani called me on my cell phone and also spoke to the businessman who was seated in the back seat,” said Ngira.

Ngira told the court when they reached Bahawani along Kilifi Malindi road, Jilani joined them. “As we approached Malindi, Katana Karisa Charo joined us. He had a black bag which was kept in the boot” said Ngira.

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He told the court when they reached Malindi, Jilani took over the car and started driving towards Lango Baya.

“As we were driving towards Lango Baya from Malindi at around 4 pm, Katana pounced on the neck of Isaak Jorow with his hands and started to strangle him,” Ngira said.

He told the court that Ruwa who was sitting in co-driver’s seat took out a rope with the loose nose from his bag in the co-driver’s seat and threw it around the neck of Isaak Jorow and started tightening.

 They ordered me to hold the rope from my side or else I also face a similar consequence.  I pulled my side rope as Ruwa also did the same while Katana continued suffocating the man.

He said during the ordeal the man struggled by kicking in the air until he died. “After ensuring he was not breathing anymore, we drove up to Chakama trading center and parked the vehicle some distance from a hotel,” said Ngira.

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He told the court they left the body in the car at the back seat and went to eat in the said hotel. “We took sometime eating as we waited for darkness. “We later went back to the vehicle and drove away before dumping the body in a thicket where acid was poured on it,” recalled Ngira.

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