The news in Kenya

So Much Happening

All around the world it seems that there is a lot happening. Whether you are in America or Africa, you are likely to see big events unfolding. The collective pot of the world seems to be set to boil, and the news is a good demonstration of this.

Kenya specifically has had a lot of interesting events happening. From celebrity headlines, to transportation issues, economic problems, and political events, there is certainly no pause in the action. In time, we will hopefully see all of these events come to a conclusion, settle down, and finally resolve to some form of normalcy, until then, here is the latest.

The Crash

In an unfortunate turn of events, a Kenya crash between a Nairobi bus and a lory has killed at least 36 people as the report came in. The accident involved a bus that was heading toward the capital city of Nairobi, and another truck that was heading towards Eldoret Town. The collision was a devastating one, and believed to be caused by a brake failure occurring on the bus heading to Nairobi.

This mechanical failure has prompted many to criticize the National Transport and Safety Authority, who many believe have failed in their duty to reduce road accidents. Accidents in Kenya account for about 3,000 fatalities a year, so citizens are calling for better safety regulations. Citizens believe that this high mortality rate comes from poorly maintained roads and transportation equipment, while the transportation authorities say that most of these accidents arise from careless drivers using cars that should not be on the road. Whatever the case, something certainly needs to be done about the transportation issue in Kenya.


In other news, football season is about to be back in full swing, and in Kenya football is about as popular as it gets. With the World Cup winding down after France won the trophy, many would think that the football pandamonium was over. This could not be further from the truth.

In order to keep up with all the action, it is important to find a good football site like sbat, where you can get news about the latest games, predictions, scores, and news all over the football universe. Clubs are making big plays as the summer transfers come to a close, and if anything, the football universe is only heating up.

Kenya Hosting

In some good news coming out of the area, Kenya is hosting a global sports event. Nairobi is set and primed to host the under 20 World Athletics Championship in 2020. This is huge for Nairobi, as the endorsement of the city for international events means lots of commerce can come flooding into the area.

With international sporting events like these, Nairobi can expect increased tourism and an influx of money, and with it jobs that can be dispersed across the community. This event is a major step in the right direction for Kenya, as it may open the door for future international events.

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