Boeing unveils plans for airliner that will fly from US to Japan in three hours

Boeing has unveiled hypersonic jet that could fly from U.S to Japan in three hours and an hour less to London from New York, CNBC media reports.

The concept announced at a conference in Atlanta would cut the current New York- London flying time flying time by about five hours.

Boeing says it will be another 20 to 30 years before a hypersonic passenger vehicle will be airborne.

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By comparison, the retired Concorde was a supersonic aircraft that traveled at Mach 2, twice the speed of sound. A flight from New York to London took less than four hours.

Last year, Boston-based group Spike Aerospace completed a round of test flights on a prototype aircraft that will eventually be able to reach cruising altitudes of Mach 1.6, ferrying passengers between New York and Tokyo in six to seven hours.

Spike Aerospace says it aims to launch the commercial supersonic aircraft by 2023.

Additional reporting by agencies

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