Mother in agony after 'fake nurse' takes her child

Abigael Vutugwa. Her son Cleverton Maraka has been missing for eight days. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

A woman from Malava in Kakamega county has lost her two-month-old son. 

Abigael Vutabwa, 20, says her son Cleverton Maraka has been missing for eight days.

Trouble started when a woman in a nurse uniform walked into her compound, saying she was following up on Covid-19 vaccination in the area.

Vutabwa says the nurse said she worked at a local health facility.

"I was washing clothes when the woman walked in, She said she had been sent by the Health ministry to collect figures of people who received full Covid doses."

Vutabwa said it was not the first time the nurse had visited the home. The day before, she had come around but they did not speak to her.

She went on: "I saw her badge and allowed her in. I also called my mother who gave her the vaccination details of our household. My mother then left."

After Vutabwa's mother left the nurse asked her if she was willing to work as a house help.

"A friend of mine just had a baby and is looking for a nanny," the nurse said.

Vutabwa says she suspects matters got out of hand when she shook the nurse's hand.

Two-month-old Cleverton Maraka has been missing for eight days. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

"I don't know how things moved so fast but I noticed something was off." Within no time, she carried her child and was headed to town with the nurse.

“I do not know how I agreed to go to town. Our first stop was Muliro Gardens where she bought snacks and drinks, but I didn't take any," she said.

At Muliro Gardens, Vutabwa said the woman talked to another woman on the phone, whom she said was a colleague from work who needed a nanny. 

“She told me the nurse was waiting for us at Nabongo Clinic. When we got there I was asked to sit at the waiting bay as she spoke to one of the nurses."

Shortly after, the nurse came back to Vutabwa and told her she needed to change the baby's diaper as they wait for the other nurse who needed a house help. But Vutabwa said she had not carried any extra diapers.

The nurse gave her money and asked her to find a shop nearby to buy diapers. She offered to hold onto the baby while Vutabwa went to the shop.

That was the last time the mother saw her child. 

"When I came back I couldn't find her. The people around said shortly after I left she took off and got on a motorbike."

Kakamega County Police Commander Joseph Kigen said they received the report and are working with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to find the missing child.