Utawala: Suspects shoot 27 times to kill man, speed off with his female companion

The fatal shooting occurred at 1pm on September 23, 2022. [File, Standard]

Police in Nairobi are pursuing suspects who shot and killed a middle-aged man in Mihango, Utawala on Friday, September 23.

A police report filed at the Mihango Police Station says the suspects, who were aboard two vehicles, cornered the man on Gesora Road and shot at him 27 times. The incident occurred at 1pm.

The victim, who was with a female companion, died on the spot, police said.

An eyewitness told authorities that the suspects, thereafter, bundled the man’s companion into one of their two vehicles and sped towards V-Mall Utawala.

Police, who were alerted of the incident, arrived at the scene and found the victim’s bullet-riddled body near a building under construction on Gesora Road.

Authorities said the man’s body had multiple gunshot wounds.

At the scene, police recovered 27 spent cartridges, one live ammunition and five bullet heads.

The victim’s body was taken to City Mortuary as investigations continue.