Youth urged to exploit digital skills for employment

Ajira aids access to markets, value chains and investment opportunities. [Courtesy]

Thousands of graduates churned out by different universities annually have been advised to seek employment in the digital sector.

Ajira Digital and Youth Employment Programme Director Ehud Gachugu said the sector has created 1.2 million jobs for young people since 2016.

He encouraged the youth to have a digital footprint if they are to make a mark in this new age.

Dr Gachugu made the remarks at a workshop in a Nakuru Hotel on Sunday for young chief executives of emerging companies in the digital sector.

Warning that the job market is strained, he said over one million youth graduated from various learning institutions last year hoping to be absorbed into the job market, and the number is expected to grow five-fold in the coming year.

“Ajira is creating tangible opportunities on the digital stratosphere for youth who would otherwise be in open employment while helping entrepreneurs upscale,” he said.

The Ajira Digital Programme is a project of the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth in partnership with the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (Kepsa) aimed at positioning Kenya as a choice labour destination for multinational companies.

It also encourages local companies and the public sector to create digital work opportunities for young people.

A recent report indicated that the programme has created 1.2 million jobs since inception.

Kepsa supports businesses with opportunities for training, networking, financial linkages, mentorship and coaching.

It also aids access to markets, value chains and investment opportunities while working with many partners across the world.

Kepsa Engagement Project Officer Rachael Gathu said Ajira has a wide pool of partners in its database who can advise on marketing needs.