Student claims paying heavy price for falling in love with tycoon’s daughter

Japhet Bakari claims he was framed by the tycoon whose daughter he is dating (PHOTO:Joackim Bwana)
A second year Bachelor of Arts student at Moi University Mombasa Campus charged with dealing and being in possession of wildlife trophies has claimed that he was framed because of his relationship with a daughter of a tycoon.

Japhet Bakari on Thursday told the court in Mombasa that he was in jail and facing the said charges because he was dating a daughter of a local tycoon who had disapproved their relationship.

Bakari told Chief Magistrate Edna Nyaloti that the tycoon whose name he withheld, had warned him that he would rot in jail if he did not leave his daughter alone.

Bakari’ girlfriend whom he identified as Zulekha is a fifth year medical student at Moi University.

 “I suspect that I was framed by the father of my girlfriend because he did not approve my relationship with his daughter who is a fifth year medical student at Moi University where I am also pursuing my Bachelors of Arts,” said Bakari.

“They told her to leave me alone because I come from a poor family and they are rich,” continued Bakari.

Bakari was charged alongside Ibrahim Samson Ali at the Mombasa Court for dealing and being in possession of nine pieces of 8.5 kilograms of wildlife trophies with a street value of Sh 850,000 without a permit.   

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The two denied the charges and released on a bond of Sh10 million.

Bakari pleaded with the court to review his bond to Sh100, 000 because he comes from a poor background and his grandmother who had been taking care of him cannot afford the hefty bond imposed on him.

He said that he cannot even afford a lawyer and his friends at campus can help him raise the Sh 100,000 if he is given.

“Your honor, I plead you review my bond to Sh100,000 because the Sh10 million you gave me is too high. I come from a poor family and I am being sponsored by a missionary church.

While applying for a bond review, Bakari said that all his miseries and misfortune of being in possession of the said wildlife trophies is because of the relationship with his rich girlfriend.

“My miseries and misfortunes of being accused of being in possession of the ivory is because of the relationship with my girlfriend from a rich family,” said Bakari.

He said that when he started the relationship with his girlfriend, the girls’ father warned him to end the relationship because he was from a poor family.

Bakari said that he decided to stop seeing his girlfriend but she later persuaded him not to end the relationship.

“His father had warned me to end the relationship before I rot in jail. So I decided to end the relationship but my girlfriend pleaded and convinced me not to,” said Bakari.

The 9 pieces of ivory allegedly found in the possession of Moi University student Japhet Bakari
He said that he has talked to his girlfriend and she is willing to testify in court on what transpired because she was present during his arrest.

“I have talked to my girlfriend and she has instructed me to ask the court to allow her come to court and say what happened since even the day I was arrested she was present,” said Bakari.

The BA student told the court that police who are witnesses in the case know who the owner of the cargo is and just do not want to say.

“Your honor, the police who are witnesses in this case know who the owner of this cargo is but are reluctant to tell the court,” said Bakari.

The Magistrate advised Bakari to preserve Zulekha as his witness when he will be put on his own defense.

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