Hunger made me break into neighbour's house to eat bananas, man admits

Calleb Munanetsa was arraigned in Kakamega over allegations of being found in a house in Lutonyi eating neighbour's bananas. [Duncan Ocholla/Standard]

A man was on Monday charged with breaking into a house and eating bananas. Caleb Munanetsa admitted to a charge of breaking into a house belonging to Esther Mwinamo on June 23 at Lutoyi Estate, Kakamega Central District.

According to the Prosecutor, the complainant, Lydiah Ombega, had gone to church as usual and locked her house safely.

However, before the service ended Ms Ombega said, she was called by her daughter informing her that there was a stranger in their house.

“The complainant rushed to her house only to find the accused herein comfortably eating bananas,” said the State Prosecutor.

She added that the accused tried to escape through an opening above the door of the house but was arrested by the locals who were attracted by her distress calls.

“The complainant later informed the village elder who arrested him and surrendered him to Shirere AP Post. He was later taken to Kakamega Police Station to be arraigned for the offense,” said Ms Ombega.

When he appeared before Kakamega Senior Principal Magistrate Dolfina Alego, Munanetsa pleaded guilty to the charge and was convicted on his own plea of guilty.

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In his mitigation, the accused sought for leniency saying he was very hungry and wanted something to put into his stomach.

The Magistrate ordered the probation officers to file a pre-sentencing report to establish if the accused meets the threshold to be subjected to a non-custodial sentence.

The matter shall be mentioned on July 2.

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