National Bank of Kenya seeks intervention of CBK and ICT ministry in dealing with ‘irresponsible bloggers’

NAIROBI, KENYA: National Bank of Kenya has filed complaint to Central Bank of Kenya and Ministry of Information over ‘irresponsible blogging’ targeting the institution

The Bank is particularly concerned by a case of a social media user who has continued to spread malicious and untruthful information about banks and other companies, in alleged extortion scams. Additionally, the Bank has written to the Media Council for verification of the blogger’s identity and to check if the council has jurisdiction over blogging. 

In Kenya, irresponsible blogging continues to be a major concern for reputation- sensitive institutions like banks.  

The Bank is advocating for policy level intervention and state punishment of any blogger masquerading as a journalist.  Unlike in journalism, bloggers do not subscribe to a code of ethics. They also do not have requirement for formal education or certification in journalism. 

The Bank said it will further seek the support of the industry lobby and companies affected by vice recently for their contribution towards finding a lasting solution to the problem.