Hostile witness denies giving ICC any recordings incriminating Joshua Sang

THE HAGUE: A witness who has already been declared hostile by the International Criminal Court Prosecutor Thursday told the court he never gave any recordings to The Hague-based prosecution team.

He denied giving any evidence, in form of recordings, to the ICC prosecutors to prove allegations that radio journalist Joshua Sang incited the Kalenjin to evict the Kikuyus from the Rift Valley.

Mr Sang is charged alongside Deputy President William Ruto with crimes against humanity committed during the post-election violence of 2007/2008.

During examination by Sang's lawyer Katwa Kigen, the witness further told the court that the prosecution team did not at any given time present him with recordings of Sang's show.

The witness, who was declared hostile by the court after recanting his earlier evidence, said the prosecution never called him to listen to anything recorded from Sang's programme, neither was he aware that such evidence could be given to him to own as his.

He, however, recognised Sang's voice in a clip played in court by the defence recorded in December 2007.

Meanwhile, Mr Ruto yesterday took a break from his trial to represent Kenya at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Ruto will also miss the ICC proceedings today, as he is representing President Uhuru Kenyatta at the conference. He was allowed by the Trial Chamber to attend the conference and resume the proceedings on Monday.

Ruto has been attending the proceedings since Monday this week as he was required by the court to personally be present for five days.

The request was made on Monday by his lawyer Karim Khan. "We are requesting that he (Ruto) be excused to attend the forum on behalf of the President on Thursday and Friday," the lawyer submitted, adding that the event would be attended by many heads of state.

The defence had requested to have Ruto attend the proceedings for five days, as the current witness is testifying.

The Trial Chamber had, however, excused him from attending most of the sessions except when required to, in order to attend to other officials duties as deputy President.

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