President Uhuru Kenyatta: Kenya will not withdraw its troops from Somalia

By Fredrick Obura

NAIROBI, KENYA: President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday said no amount of intimidation would drive Kenya into removing its troops from Somalia prematurely.

The President noted that events leading to a decision by Kenya to send its troops in Somalia were clear but still remain constant and no amount of intimidation would make Kenya think otherwise.

“For over twenty years, Somalis fought each other, we have been of help providing camps for their refugees, they have taken our people hostage thinking we would seat back and watch,” Uhuru said.

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“No amount of intimidation through terror attacks would make us withdraw our troops, we have to accomplish our mission and restore order in Somalia,” he said.

The tough talking President called on Somalia to put its house in order.

He was speaking at the National Inter-denominational prayer meeting in Nairobi for the Westgate terror attack that claimed 67 lives.

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Deputy President William Ruto noted that the attack had united Kenyans and brought clarity over a united Kenya.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga said that the Westgate tragedy should act as an eye opener to the government in reorganising its security system.

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“The Westgate tragedy should now make us change our intelligence system, information collected should be acted on immediately to avert such crisis,” said Raila.

He challenged the government to tighten security at the border points and put necessary checks in issuance of driving licence, Identity Cards, and passport.

He lashed at the International community over alerts following the Saturday 21 Westgate terror attack.

“This is the time we need the International Community in helping us with intelligence gathering, we want to know who is affiliated to the terrorists outside our borders, if the attackers are planning to attack any other place,” he said.

“This is not the time to issue travel advisories,” he said.

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