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Kenyan AP shoots 10 dead in pursuit of love

Updated Monday, November 8th 2010 at 00:00 GMT +3


He was on night duty at a sentry box at the District Commissioner's residence when he got the news his woman was painting Siakago town red with his colleague(s).

The whole one-man operation took 20 minutes and left the town in Mbeere District soaking in blood and tears, and it turned out the death toll would have been higher had he not run out of bullets.

It is said the uniformed officer had ten bullets and none was wasted. Neither were there missed targets, as the ‘possessed’ man appeared to be brutally efficient with a G3 rifle.

What was even more shocking was that whereas his estranged girlfriend appeared to like her glass of beer, Constable Peter Karanja was a teetotaler.

Heard gun shots

The lady he was seeking was named Florence Marigu, and they were only three APs working at the time outside Mbeere North DC Joshua Chelimo’s residence. Some of those who heard the gunshots thought they were Diwali fireworks.

When his smoking gun fell silent and with no more to kill, it struck him he had not spared bullets to kill himself after the orgy. And his real target (in red) was spared. Picture/Standard

It is not clear if what he was told was true or hilarious lies friends often tease each other with. But at around 11:30pm on Saturday, he excused himself to answer a call of nature.

But he walked down the dimly lit streets for a kilometer, to the seedy bars where many must have been drunk and probably even disorderly if not engaged in incomprehensible conversations, probably about football, politics or men and women.

At the three bars he walked into, he just asked for his woman and whatever answer he received, he responded by pulling the trigger at those inside — starting with the barmaid, who probably had seen him in happier days cavorting with the woman he was seeking, and in whose name he was killing at a corner in her bar.

When his smoking gun fell silent, with no more to kill, and having emptied his bullet box at two of his colleagues who responded to the gunshots, it struck him he had not spared bullets to kill himself after the orgy.

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