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Alarming cases of thugs gang-raping girls and women in Kakamega

A spate of criminal incidents in which women are gang raped and people robbed of cash and valuables have left residents of Kakamega County in shock and put security personnel in a tight spot.

The most recent incident is where attackers gang-raped three young sisters at Mwamba village in Lugari on Tuesday. The victims, aged between 12 and 16 years were later treated at Turbo health centre and discharged.

This comes after a similar incident in which thugs armed with crude weapons gang-raped a woman as her husband watched at Mayoni village in Matungu sub-county about a week ago.

Kakamega County police coordinator Paul Kerich said investigations are ongoing to establish whether there is an organized gang out to terrorize residents in the area considering similarities in the nature of the attacks.

"We cannot rule out the possibility of criminals traveling far and wide to unleash terror on people but up to now the matter is being treated as isolated cases," Kerich told the Standard on phone.

According to him, the manner in which the attacks have been executed raise more questions. "It is possible the attackers in Lugari incident knew well the man was not at home long before the attack, though the family only reported the incident several hours later," explained Kerich.

Narrating the seven-hour-ordeal, the Lugari woman said the attackers walked in at around 8.00 PM and demanded for her husband's firearm, police uniform and cash they claimed she had.

"The thugs told me they knew my husband was a cop working with Wildlife and that I should not waste time producing what they were demanding for," said the mother of five.

At first they ordered her son to lie down and tied his hands before forcing her to take them to the bedroom and produce the items. "They allowed me to carry my baby with me while another one led the girls in the adjacent room."

The attackers got incensed when she told them the items and cash was not available. "They warned me to prepare for the worst," she said.

They thugs split into groups with one concentrating on preparing a meal for themselves while the rest ransacked the house and gang raped the girls in turns.

The gangsters made away with two television sets, mobile phones, a laptop, home theatre, shoes, clothes and even bed covers. "They also stole Geese, Turkeys and several chicken,” said the woman.

She said the girls were writhing in pain when she went to check on them at around 5.00am shortly after the attackers had fled. "My daughters told me they had been raped and were terrified by what had happened."

Locals claim a similar incident happened in the area about two weeks ago despite the presence of administration police post at Majengo, Matauro and Chemichemi in Lugari.

Earlier, Lugari police boss Bernard Macharia said they suspect the woman's farm hand to have been involved in the incident. The suspect, has since gone missing.

Residents have threatened to take law in their hands and protect themselves against such attacks.