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Kenyans will soon turn against Kipchoge — Miguna Miguna
By Vincent Kejitan | Updated Oct 15, 2019 at 13:54 EAT
Eliud Kipchoge, Miguna Miguna

Miguna was bashed for his ‘negativity’ although he maintained that he had not played down the feat.

His counsel to those who were misquoting him, ‘comprehend.’

Just a few days after Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge made history by becoming the first person in history to complete a marathon in under two hours, outspoken lawyer Miguna Miguna has weighed in on the matter.

Through a tweet, Miguna compared Kipchoge to former Harambee Stars captain McDonald Mariga who has since ventured into politics.

The Canadian-based lawyer labelled Kenyans online as dishonest saying they quickly turned against Mariga immediately he expressed interest in politics and predicted the same would happen to Kipchoge.

“A lot of Kenyans on Twitter and Facebook are dishonest. When McDonald Mariga was playing International football, he was cheered as a "Kenyan hero" but the moment he expressed interest in the Kibra seat, he suddenly became a "foreigner”.

“They will do the same to #Kipchoge,” he wrote.

Kipchoge has been lauded all over the world for his incredible achievement and Kenyans have even praised him for uniting the country, albeit for a few days.

Any criticism towards him has been met with force and in all fairness, he deserves the credit.

Miguna was bashed for his ‘negativity’ although he maintained that he had not played down the feat.

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His counsel to those who were misquoting him, ‘comprehend.’

And comprehend they did, perhaps not to the lawyer’s standards although when he seemed to aim a dig at ‘ululations over runners’ things quickly went south.

Miguna mentioned that the world was celebrating Nobel winners in serious fields like Medicine, Physics and Economics while Kenyans are ululating over runners.

“In 2019, as the world celebrates NOBEL PRIZE winners in Physics, Economics, Medicine, Literature, Peace and other ACHIEVEMENTS of the HUMAN BRAIN, CREATIVITY and INDUSTRY, Kenyans are ululating over RUNNERS.

“Hunters and gatherers are obsolete. Wars are no longer won by runners,” he wrote.

Most netizens had an issue with his sentiments although he maintained that he did not mention Kipchoge’s name anywhere.

“I don't see what you disagree with. Literature, for example, is not science. I never suggested that you should not celebrate when a runner wins. Tell me where I did that.

“Nor did I suggest that you should not be inspired by runners even if you cannot run. COMPREHEND.”

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