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God used my dad's illness to prevent me from getting a heart surgery — Ezekiel Mutua
By Ezekiel Mutua | Updated Jul 17, 2019 at 11:46 EAT
Ezekiel Mutua and dad enjoy a light moment

My mind went to my dad and what would happen if I got immobilized to the point that I couldn't attend to him

I thought about my aged dad and a sense of urgency pushed me to make him a priority

Just about the time I was getting the disturbing news about my heart's condition last week, I had just received news from upcountry about my dad's sudden illness.

The call was terse: "Mzee seems to have a mental issue. He's talking to himself, is unable to hold urine and twice has lost balance and fallen down."

That was scary and painful. I knew I wasn't well and had to see a doctor, but my dad's situation sounded more serious. I had to urgently get him checked.

So when I went to the hospital and was told my BP was high, I actually attributed it to the bad news about my dad. But within no time, I had myself become a candidate for admission and possible heart operation.

My mind went to my dad and what would happen if I got immobilized to the point that I couldn't attend to him. From the conduct of the medical team attending to me I was set for a possible delicate operation, probably abroad.

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I thought about my aged dad and a sense of urgency pushed me to make him a priority. I felt I needed to be strong and available for him.

I tried to negotiate with the doctors to do the tests and let me come back for admission the following morning, but they were adamant that I needed an urgent cardiovascular treatment.

Obviously, the hurry with which I was being pushed to admission and the unprofessional manner the whole process was being conducted was annoying.

I was determined not to succumb to a situation where I would be unable to help my ailing dad. The news about my admission would probably make his situation worse.

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I made up my mind not to be admitted and walked out of the hospital. I needed a second opinion about my case, but I had my dad as a priority. From then on I shifted my attention to my dad back upcountry.

I sent a team to pick him as I coordinated with doctors in Machakos and Nairobi to have him attended to. My friend Dr. Victor Munyaka, the MP for Machakos Town came in handy and would connect me to Dr. Victor Kilonzo who was extremely useful in attending to Mzee.

Finally, the tests revealed that he had "involutional brain volume loss and an enlarged prostrate." The doctors recommended an urgent surgery, but I was adamant that we shouldn't rush a man of 100 to a surgery.

I had to get an alternative treatment for him. Finally, my friend Japheth Kassanga connected me to Dr. Aideed Kahie. This guy would not only sort my dad out, but would end up being the connection to the cardiologist attending to me.

As I write my dad is as fit as fiddle, his memory back and no one can tell that he was critically ill a week ago.

Had it not been for his situation, I would have easily agreed to be admitted last week and only God knows what I would be going through right now. God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform!

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