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Mixed reactions after High Court stopped Mwilu’s prosecution
By Fay Ngina | Updated Aug 29, 2018 at 14:19 EAT
DCJ Philomena Mwilu in court

KOT have had a lot to say after High Court stopped the prosecution of DCJ Philomena Mwilu 

Mwilu prosecution was temporally suspended up to October 9 until constitutional issues are resolved

Kenyans on Twitter have had a lot to say after High Court Stopped the prosecution of Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu on Wednesday 29 August.

Mwilu prosecution was temporally suspended up to October 9 until constitutional issues are resolved.

The DCJ, who was arrested on Tuesday over alleged over alleged corruption claims, abuse of office and tax evasion, was arraigned Wednesday morning before the Anti-Corruption Court to take plea.

Mwilu was represented by a number of lawyers among them James Orengo who said that they will demonstrate against the Director of Public Prosecutions for using Director of Criminal Investigations in the DCJ’s arrest.

“We are going to demonstrate why the Director of Public Prosecutions, on this matter, chose to use the Director of Criminal Investigations who turned out to be use-friendly instead of using the legal regime; the statutory regime that relates to offences created under the Anti—Corruption Act,” said Orengo.

There was however mixed reactions among netizens after High Court stopped Mwilu’s prosecution. This is what some of them had to say;

I hear that the High Court has stopped the prosecution of DCJ Mwilu. The court should just go ahead and stop all the criminal cases in the courtry, free all the prisoners, suspend the constitution and all the other laws, and let everyone do what they want to do.— Geoffrey N.G (@GeojanEngineer1) August 29, 2018

The @ODPP_KE goofed on the DCJ Mwilu charges and the rush to take her to court so as to take plea. There's more to this and for the first time Kenyans have expressed their doubt on the independence of the new DPP. Time will tell #DCJMwiluInCourt— Douglas Orang'i (@Douglasorangi) August 29, 2018

I wish most of the people condemning the arrest of DCJ Mwilu were raising issues with the process. However, it's all comparing a couple of wrongs by other parties and saying, why haven't we prosecuted the other. ???? ????— Judy Muriithi (@ImJudyMuriithi) August 29, 2018

If I was High Court judge Chacha Mwita I would still suspend the criminal charges leveled against DCJ Mwilu. With a walking constitution in the picture (James Orengo) you need to revisit your constitution and get your facts right and that calls for time and break.— Jackson Arunga (@JacksonArunga) August 29, 2018

If the charges against DCJ Mwilu are based on events that occurred when she was a judge, those who vetted her for the position of DCJ owe us an explanation.— Benard Aloo (@AlooBenardo) August 29, 2018

When the Supreme court annulled the Presidential election, they claimed we are at risk of constitutional crisis. High court Chacha Mwita has stopped the prosecution against DCJ Mwilu again they claim there is a constitutional crisis.— Char-lee Oddie (@Oddcharley) August 29, 2018

Wooi when will the ordinary mwananchi be granted immunity from the court.DCJ Mwilu case suspension is impunity redeemed. #MtuWetuSyndrome.— JIMMIE MIKE (@kahoreria12) August 29, 2018

There is no way the Judiciary was going to play ball on this one. Every single avenue and loophole will be utilized by every single judge that is going to listen to this DCJ Mwilu Matter. Protecting their own.— John Jacob Kioria (@JKioria) August 29, 2018

DCJ Mwilu case has just proved to me that we are alone in this fight against corruption,the politicians are not with us. When you see the whole of her defence constitutes politicians lawyers,we are doomed!,Mr President,....— GEN.STAN KINYUA (@murimi_kinyua) August 29, 2018

We will be in a full blown constitutional crisis by what am seeing. Justice Chacha Mwita suspends/stops the criminal prosecution of DCJ Mwilu and this in my judgement shows that the courts are being hoodwinked by intimidation from above forces— Delio Lekarsia (@Delio_Lekarsia) August 29, 2018

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