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Epic reactions after Babu’s election is upheld, Mutua’s nullified in the space of 20 minutes
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Jun 08, 2018 at 12:18 EAT
Babu Owino and Alfred Mutua [COURTESY]

Babu Owino's election was upheld around the same time Governor Mutua's election was nullified

Kenyans were baffled by how fast these events were coming to light and expressed concern on social media 

8th June 2018 will definitely be a date to remember for many Kenyans, politically.

In the space of 20 minutes, Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino saw his election upheld while Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua’s got nullified.

Babu tightened his grip on the Embakasi East seat after he pulled through an election petition by Jubilee’s Francis Mureithi challenging his election. He was a happy man outside court, thanking everyone who stood by him during the entire process and urged his opponents to wake up and move on.

“I would like to tell my opponents to wake up and move on. I also invite them to come and help me serve the people of Embakasi,”he said.

In Machakos, Court of Appeal nullified Governor Mutua’s election on Friday after his competitor, Wavinya Ndeti appealed High Court’s decision to uphold his win. Mutua spoke outside the court moments after the ruling saying he and his respected the court’s decision and that it was only a small hurdle. He also vowed to appeal the decision.

“We are surprised by their finding. It is very clear they misunderstood what was presented before them. We are going to appeal to the Supreme Court. We are still in office. I will continue discharging my duties,” said Mutua.

Kenyans were bamboozled by how fast news was flowing in and took to social media to react. Here is a sample of netizens’ comments:

It's sad that the effects of The Handshakes are felt by the likes of Alfred Mutua and Babu Owino. These are not handshakes but malicious Power sharing deals that can't benefit Kenyans— ©MÛRANG'A FINES†? (@KibugiKibugi) June 8, 2018

Congratulations Hon @Babu_Owino for the win.The High Court judge should be punished for overlooking your double victory.— Robert Dullo (@NyakwarAgunda) June 8, 2018

You have won not WE the people of Embakasi East.Celebrate in silence without provocation 2022 Utatupata tu— Charles Mwangi (@centralmwas) June 8, 2018

Alfred Mutua began well but he has faced a lot of bile largely as a result of his aloofness and has really known no peace. Will keep fighting though but this one is a shocker!— Benji Ndolo (@BenjiNdolo) June 8, 2018

Alfred Mutua amengolewa chap chap, sasa anawezatanga tanga kwa counties bila mbrrrrrcha????????????????— Collo Is Mambobiad????????? (@Collobrown25) June 8, 2018

Alfred Mutua wants to be our president. With those PR developments? Nah thank you.— JAMLICK KYALLO???????? (@Jamlick_) June 8, 2018

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