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Five people confused by Uhuru’s "unite-and-rule" style
By Charles Bazenga | Updated Jun 04, 2018 at 12:00 EAT
President Kenyatta & Rt. Hon Odinga

More than two months ago, President Uhuru and Raila Odinga came together in what they termed as a new front for the country

This brought to an end their bitter political rivalry characterized by name calling, ethnic divisions, false narratives against each other 

More than two months ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his political nemesis, people's President, Raila Odinga came together in what they termed as a new front for the country.

This brought to an end their bitter political rivalry characterised by name calling, ethnic divisions, false narratives against each other among other nasty stuff. This union brought political serenity in the country...

it was welcomed by local citizens and international friends/governments. It is the kind of political truce that this country has desired for the longest time. Even whilst the unity received a nod, below are quotas that in/among which the union has raised jitters.

1. Kenyans

When these two political supremo were engaging their supporters went after each other... Verbally through social media hatred, physical harm, looting/vandalism of each others property and prejudice against each other. The handshake development left these supporters confused not knowing whether to mend fences, to forgive each other or to apologize to each other in line with the union. This has not been easy but progressively and gradually, harmony between and among their supporters is setting in. Kenyans are a gullible people; they survive on narratives peddled by political leaders. 

2. Jubilee sycophants

There are a bunch of ruling party leaders who thrived in the political enmity between Kenyatta and Odinga. They took to the media (social, visual and print) to bash Rt. Honorable Raila Odinga and his NASA side. Such nasty political stunts is what has thrust many of them to the limelight! With the newly found union, these leaders (dealers) have no business to transact. 

3. NASA firebrands

Odinga's NASA side has aggressive leaders who have consistently called for reforms and the removal of President Kenyatta and his team from power. This has been their irreducible minimum for a better Kenya. The union between the two political antagonists met them with shock and disbelief. They couldn't help the situation but 'embarrassingly' toe the line. Some of the NASA politicians are working hard to put their coalition together in order to push the opposition agenda and also to prepare for 2022 general election- presidential election particularly. 

4. Deputy President

Mr. William Ruto is angling to succeed his boss and friend, President Uhuru Kenyatta. The growing bond between the Kenyatta and Odinga complicates his political calculations! He doesn't know whether his boss will stick by him or whether part of the handshake deal was that Uhuru and Odinga will agree on a single candidate for 2022 presidential race. If the latter is the case, William Ruto can never be so sure that it will be him... looking at the history of the country- gentlemen's agreements have been broken. Smart as he is, Ruto needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with a winning strategy that will endear him to Kenyans...a strategy that will triumph over any campaign against him by anyone. 


The handshake has reduced Uhuru succession's tone. The two political supremos have focused on development agenda and uniting the country. Those that are interested in succeeding president Kenyatta have been requested to put politics aside and serve the people...at least for now. This leaves the presidential hopefuls from Kenyatta and Odinga's sides in a political limbo. They don't know the right time to sell themselves for the fear of offending their kings... this can have career-ending consequences. The long and short of this is that the 2022 presidential race/election will be shaped/flagged off by Kenyatta and Odinga... Together or separately. 


Unity is strength. Kenyans should leverage on the prevailing political calm and make the best with what they have and who they are in terms of building the nation and building burnt bridges amongst communities. It's a rare golden opportunity. 

Charles Muchangi Bazenga

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