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This is the World Cup jersey to buy - Over 3 million people have pre-ordered it! [PHOTOS]
By Robert Abong'o | Updated May 26, 2018 at 12:03 EAT
World Cup kits are stunning [COURTESY]

Have you seen the original World Cup kits?

If not, here's the best one. It has already received over 3 million pre-orders

With only 19 days left to the World Cup, millions of fans worldwide have already started purchasing and ordering official kits.

All 32 teams have already released their kits but one has caught the eye.

Nigeria’s jersey is indeed unique. Inspired by the 1994 kit, the white sleeves are complemented by black zigzag stripes which appear feathery. The rest of the kit is light green, with the zig-zag stripe, now in white, running from top to bottom.

The common dark green strip, which Nigeria has used for so many years is now the 2nd kit, but much darker.

Nike is said to have received over 3 million pre-orders for the kit.

Here are more photos: 

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