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Miguna as Deputy Governor? - Kenyans react to news doing rounds on social media
By Robert Abong'o | Updated May 17, 2018 at 08:31 EAT
Mike Sonko and Miguna Miguna (INSET)

Is Miguna Miguna going to be Nairobi's next Deputy Governor?

An appointment letter doing rounds on social media says so

According to a letter doing rounds on social media, Governor Mike Sonko has nominated self-declared National Resistance Movement (NRM) General Miguna Miguna as the new Nairobi Deputy Governor.

In the letter to the Speaker of the county assembly Beatrice Elachi, Governor Sonko forwards Miguna’s name for vetting and approval.

 “I hereby forward my nominee, Lawyer Miguna Miguna to undergo full vetting process and approval by the County Assembly for the position of Deputy Governor.The nominee meets all the requirements provided for in the Constitution, the Leadership and Integrity Act, the Elections Act and County Government Act,” reads part of the letter.

Speaking via phone on Citizen Tv’s JKLive, lawyer Nelson Havi was asked if Miguna Should accept it, he replied: “That is upon him to decide but I think he better accept the job From lawyer to lawyer- I would tell him to comeback home fast- he would even be given a diplomatic passport to travel with.” He even congratulated Miguna for the appointment.

A photo of lawyer Cliff Ombeta holding the appointment letter has also surfaced on social media.

Miguna was expected to arrive in Kenya on Wednesday, May 16 but cancelled his return saying the Immigration Department refused to issue him with a valid Kenyan passport.

“In view of the refusal by the Department of Immigration to issue me with a valid Kenyan passport and facilitate my unconditional re-entry into Kenya as ordered by the High Court and formally requested by the Kenya National Commission for Human Rights on my behalf, and on advice from legal counsel, I have instructed my advocates to immediately bring to the attention of the court the continued willful contempt of its orders,” said Miguna.

Here is the letter: 

Kenyans took this chance to react on social media, with many shocked and confused whether the information is true. Here is a sample of the reactions:

If Miguna Miguna died today, his body would be flown back to Kenya without a passport. The same leaders fighting him now would attend his burial in Kisumu and hail him as a brave leader.— Alphaxard Ng'ang'a (@AlphaxardNganga) May 16, 2018

The same day Miguna Miguna was to return to Kenya but was denied re entry is the same day Sonko nominates him for position of Deputy Governor.

Please whoever is writing the Kenyan politics script start giving us spoilers, we weren’t ready.— Kimanzi®™ (@Kimanzi_) May 16, 2018

In appointing Miguna Miguna as his Deputy, Gov. Mike Sonko is trodding on History . Abraham Lincoln, America’s greatest President appointed his bitterest rivals to his Cabinet .. Prof. Doris Kearns Goodwin captured it in her book Team Of Rivals .. Sonko - Miguna may save Nairobi.— Donald B Kipkorir (@DonaldBKipkorir) May 17, 2018

If you don't want Miguna Miguna as the deputy of Sonko, don't waste your breath commenting on the appointment. He will destroy the whole thing with a stupid comment. He will just act childishly— Robert ALAI (@RobertAlai) May 16, 2018

I know of one person and a group of people you can never advice on this earth, "Miguna Miguna" and Arsenal supporters.— Shiundu Shiundu (@IvanEvans_Kenya) May 16, 2018

Nairobi people on social media are an interesting cohort. You declined to vote for Miguna Miguna just 7 months ago, but now you laud his appointment as Deputy Governor as a genius move? What do people smoke in this country?— Gabriel Oguda (@gabrieloguda) May 17, 2018

I Have a Strong Feeling Miguna Miguna Will Say NO????????#AmNotBoarding— Sheila Kahavidza (@Shividza) May 16, 2018

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