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OPINION: Why Kenyans' response to Matiba's death appears hypocritical
By Benard Amaya | Updated Apr 24, 2018 at 07:46 EAT
Kenneth Matiba [COURTESY]

Former Opposition leader Kenneth Matiba died on April 24 aged 85

He had been receiving treatment at Karen Hospital for a number of weeks 

Kenneth Matiba's death has removed the lid on our hypocrisy towards national heroes.

For a man who sacrificed his life for the sake of Kenyans' freedom to die a dejected person is an indictment on us all as a people. 

Why are we behaving as if Matiba died a sudden death? If we were concerned about his plight we should have acted while he was alive.

But true to our character, Matiba was a threat to the powers that be and so he was shunned in life.

A dead Matiba is harmless to the establishment, hence a darling who deserves a State burial.

As we mourn him, many other heroes continue to suffer.

They are branded enemies of the State. As soon as they breathe their last, we give them a lavish send-off.

Can this hypocrisy end with Matiba?

Rest in peace, my hero.

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