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Six common sexual fantasies that women have
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Mar 18, 2018 at 14:06 EAT
Women too have their fantasies
  • Intimacy and sexual satisfaction are key in almost every normal human being
  • Just like men, women are known to have fantasies that they rarely talk about, in regards to intimacy
  • Although they may hold them back from their partners, they do have, some even more than one of the fantasies

In this era where talks about intimacy are as normal as talks about education, women have not been left behind in expressing their desires and to an extent fantasies.

For ages, women were known to be submissive where they engaged in intimacy for recreation purposes only.

Those days are gone, and women, just like their male counterparts can now tell their partners what they prefer in sexual sessions.

In a research carried out by sex therapists, women talked about some of the preferences and fantasies they have regarding sexual pleasure.

Here are some of the commonly repeated confessions;


You may be dating a shy and all sweet looking girl and you look at her in a delicate manner. What you may fail to realize is that she wants to tie you up during your sessions and vice versa. Dominating or being submissive adds sexual pleasure for some women.


Once in a while, your woman may think of how getting intimate with someone else. The thought crosses minds of many women, more than they may admit. The excitement caused by guessing the potential ‘partner’ is one of many women’s fantasy.


Some women admit to wanting to get into some role during sexual activities. Playing nurse or teacher to a partner according to them gives them a feeling of being in control which in turn motivates the outcome of getting intimate.

Sex with younger men

At any age, a woman imagines a younger man as one who has energy and vigor. This, in turn, leads to secretly wishing they could get intimate with the young blood. Many women have gone out of their way, at least once in a lifetime to make advances to younger men.


Several women admitted to wanting to try out sex with more than one person. This includes having a threesome, foursome or something of the sort. In this era, groupies are not much of a taboo as it was viewed in the past.

Lesbian sex

Women are known to sit on the fence in many debates on how close two women can get. Women are known to hug, cuddle and complement each other in ways that men don’t. According to research, many confessed that the thought of having sex with their closest girlfriends or women they work with crossed their mind at one time.

Although not all women are open to such talk, it is clear to see that some out there do not shy away from expressing what they feel towards having satisfactory intimacy.

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