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Seven things you must never try while in bed with your lover
By Brian Onyiego | Updated Apr 22, 2018 at 09:48 EAT
Lovers in bed [PHOTO: COURTESY]

Sometimes the things we do during love-making sessions overstep boundaries, no matter how close we are

It is advised that if unsure, don't try these things while in bed with your lover

Sex is good. 

Couples who understand each other on an intimate level usually have the most explosive love-making session since the thrill doesn't die early. 

Sometimes couples prefer role-playing to add a bit more spice to their intimacy. 

However, a bit too much could be 'too much' to the extent of boring your partner or both. 

Here are some of the things you should not do during making love if you're not sure 

 Refrain from using your fingers

making love is about exploration and satisfying your partner. Sometimes the use of fingers can be dangerous especially if the lady is a virgin or if you have long nails.

Stop going down on your partner

Going down on your partner is a no-no. It might sound crazy since ‘going down’ is the ultimate arouser but sometimes we need to check our partners before we go down on them. Are they really clean?

Avoid positions in adult movies

Forgo the Kamasutra styles you see in adult movies no matter how much you want to spice up your game. These styles are for professionals and come with their own side effects e.g. lower back pains.

Do not use objects

Never use objects on your partner during a love-making session, you do not want to be reported for sexual assault.

Never reuse a condom

Read the instructions before using a condom and please use one condom at a time and never reuse one. Even if the worst has come, never re-use one.

Do not use lotions as lubricants

Some people have lubrication issues. If you do not have the KY gel do not substitute it with lotion. Some lotions contain compounds that can cause harm to both of you.

Never sleep with your partner if he/she is sick

Getting intimate with your partner is good and enjoyable when both of you are physically and mentally fit. Only have make love when both of you are in the mood. 

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