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After Githu Muigai, this is what the new Attorney General must do to restore lost office independence
By Joseph Musyoki | Updated Feb 15, 2018 at 08:44 EAT
Nominated AG Kihara Kariuki

The appointment of Justice Kihara Kariuki as the new Attorney General should spell good tidings for the Judiciary as one of their own will now have the ear of the President.

As a Judiciary insider, Mr Kariuki ought to be the turning point in restoring the strained relationship between the Executive and the Judiciary.

Kariuki should be in a better position to use his networks in the courts and the legal fraternity to advance the need for an independent Judiciary.

The AG must fight for respect and decorum between the three arms of Government and the need to respect court orders and rulings by all. Another area that has distracted former AGs from performing their core duties, which is to give the Government sound and independent legal advice, has been unwarranted forays into the political arena.

The Executive has enough foot soldiers to handle political issues, and the new AG must resist the temptation to become a political mouthpiece for the Government.

Finally, there is an urgent need for the new AG to address the colossal amount of money Government has been losing through either poorly crafted legal contracts on Government projects or fumbling of cases brought against State.

The AG must insist that Government agencies and senior officials are held personally responsible for ignoring his legal advice or for failing to conduct due diligence before making official decisions.

Faceless companies must be stopped from using the Government to make quick money through international arbitration courts. Kenyans expect nothing short of Solomonic wisdom from the new AG! 

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