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Raila's swearing-in was illegal, we expected his arrest- Kalonzo Musyoka
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Feb 14, 2018 at 09:09 EAT
NASA co-principals Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka
  • NASA co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka says the coalition anticipated Raila Odinga's arrest
  • He says they acknowledge that the event was illegal and planned for Raila to take oath alone so they could defend him

National Super Alliance (NASA) Coalition Deputy Principal and Wiper Democratic Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka on Tuesday, February 13 dismissed reports that he is set to be sworn in as the “People’s Deputy President” on February 28, 2018. He said that the Coalition is taking its time to arrange for a proper swearing-in.

While speaking in Machakos Mr. Kalonzo, who was bashed for failing to appear at Uhuru gardens on January 30 to take oath as Raila Odinga’s deputy said that from the onset, they knew that the swearing-in ceremony was a violation of the law and had anticipated the arrest of Mr. Odinga.

He told the public that his failure to turn up was a plan well thought by NASA leaders. According to him, the plan was to have Raila ‘sworn-in alone so that in case he is arrested, the other principals would lead a legal onslaught in his defense.

“Before the Machakos County Assembly forum, we met with Raila at Panafric Hotel and he told us ‘once I take the oath I know they’ll arrest me and you guys should come and get me out.’ But the government could not arrest Raila because they know it could cause a political crisis,” Mr. Kalonzo reported.

Raila, however, has not been arrested two weeks after his ceremony and Mr. Kalonzo now says the government would not dare arrest him. He said that the government knows arresting Raila will cause a political crisis and mayhem in the country.

"But the government could not arrest Raila because they know it could cause a political crisis,” he said.

He then agreed that he risks arrest by taking the oath but at the same expressed confidence that he is not afraid to be sworn in.

“I want you people to understand that if I was arrested today, taken to court and released on bond; I would not even be allowed at the airport or travel to any country. It’s like having your legs tied. This means that you are not able to reach out to your friends for help come to the next general election,” he said.

Mr. Kalonzo has been named a coward before as NASA supporters claimed he failed to show up for fear of being arrested. He has since then assured them that he hasn’t neglected course. “Don’t be misled by being told that Kalonzo is a coward. I am strong enough to make a decision that will benefit all our supporters,” he assured supporters.

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