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Mt Kenya governor gags county staff, warns them of speaking to journalists
By Grapevine | Updated Feb 09, 2018 at 08:17 EAT
Governor doesn't want staff to speak to journalist

A Governor from Mt Kenya is reportedly forbidding staff from speaking to journalists without his permission

The governor is allegedly intimidating staff who speak to the media without his consent

Senior employees of one of Mount Kenya are a worried lot after they were gagged by the governor from speaking to journalists without his authority.

The governor is said to have resorted to intimidating employees who speak to the media without his authority.

The county boss has been reprimanding in public the staff who dare speak to journalists. The staff says the major problem with the governor is that he does not want anyone else to outshine him.

They say the controversial governor always want to be the one shining and taking credit of everything that his staff does.

The same governor is also said to have prohibited Members of County Assembly during a retreat in Mombasa late last year from speaking and sharing any information with the local media.

A section of county staff and MCAs are now up in arms over the behavior of the governor terming it as unwarranted and uncalled for.

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