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Kenyans troll local radio presenter for allegedly 'cheating' in a competition
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Jan 21, 2018 at 15:55 EAT
Capital FM News Presenter Anita Nderu
  • KOT did not spare Capital FM News Presenter Anita Nderu after rumours said she qualified for Hits Not Homework host spot
  • Anita was on the panel that judges contestants who took part in the competition
  • It took intervention by fellow a presenter for the rumours to cease

Capital FM News Presenter Anita Nderu is in the spotlight after Kenyans on Twitter questioned how she won in the much-hyped The Capital One talent search.

Anita was unveiled as the new presenter for the popular show Hits not homework to replace Amina Abdi who left to host NTV’s The Trend.

Capital FM had for a better part of 2017 advertised for the position with many aspirants taking part in the activities. Towards the end of the year, there were only six contesters left.

The audition calls required the contestants be between 19 and 25 years, with no prior experience and ‘just be dope.’

Sources say Anita, who has been in Capital FM for over five years is already being groomed for the position.

Kenyans on Twitter cried foul after Anita was announced the host since she was among the panel that judged the remaining contestants.

They did not mince their feelings towards the entire ordeal;

Hey @CapitalFMKenya what ever you have done to the ambitious youths who came for auditions is a total disrespect and you should apologies to Kenyans because picking @AnitaNderu as a host & she was a Judge is total stupid move , who does that ? pic.twitter.com/i4xdTLiVRp— Williez De Viruz (@Bhingywilliez_) January 20, 2018

Capital FM held auditions (which one had to pay to enter) for a position. Anita Nderu was a judge and she ended up winning. Most of twitter A folks applied and now they are hurt.— Xtraterrestial Fly (@katung_u) January 20, 2018

Anita Nderu interviewed people for a job she was going to take. Bro. Savage.— D P (@g_kanyi) January 20, 2018

So I have been looking at this story of Anita Nderu. Apparently she was a judge at the @CapitalFMKenya 's auditions and she was later awarded the job instead of those hundreds of youths who were auditioning for the job. Such a dream killer and cold hearted woman pic.twitter.com/OKbvA8ADFt— Lord Mutai (@ItsMutai) January 21, 2018

Lmao, so wait. I love Anita Nderu to death, but lol. Why did they ask people to audition if they knew damn well that the position was already taken. And wasn't she there like a "mentor/observer" or something?— KyLeahn Waguthi Mbappé (@_misplacedhuman) January 20, 2018

Nobody is mad at Anita Nderu, actually I wish her all the best, but I'm tired of seeing people being taken for a ride. If they just announced her nobody would be hurt or upset.— Just Losie ???? (@rosekamau_) January 20, 2018

NB: I’m not saying Anita Nderu is going to do a terrible job, she’s awesome at what she does. I was just hoping fresh talent would be given a chance. Hata labda they could co-host?— Nimwaga (@EmilyKazungu) January 20, 2018

You guys are acting surprised about Anita Nderu being the judge of #Thecapitalone . Hii Kenya watu huenda job interviews for formality tu, watu washaandikwa kitambo sana. Job interview inakuwanga ya kubuild self-confidence tu.— Sharon (@jesang_) January 20, 2018

Kidogo kidogo mtaona Anita Nderu kwa article ya BBC akiongea about Cyber Bullying halafu awekwe brand ambassador wa Instagram juu in Twitter people get bullied a lot— Waigoko Kimengemenge (@jrobah) January 21, 2018

It is after the numerous tweets that fellow presenter Ciru Muriuki came to her rescue that the troll ceased. Here is what Ciru tweeted;

I wonder what will happen tomorrow night when you realize you were wrong and that there ARE winners of the contest. *sips sickening double standards*. https://t.co/wv2ELL4wWg— Ciru Muriuki ? (@CiruMuriuki) January 21, 2018

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