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Why Uhuru should retain Amina in his new Cabinet
By Mariam Suleiman | Updated Jan 09, 2018 at 13:18 EAT
UN Deputy Sec-Gen Amina Mohamed
  • Amina Mohamed is the first woman to head the Foreign Affairs docket 
  • Her name however failed to appear in President Uhuru's new Cabinet list

President Uhuru Kenyatta named a section of his Cabinet last week. One of those conspicuously missing in the first retention was Kenya’s top diplomat Amina Mohamed. If there is a Cabinet secretary that the President must retain in his second team it is her. Reasons abound.

She is the first woman to head the Foreign Affairs docket and she has done so well; better than her predecessors. In her first tenure, Amina traversed the globe fighting the ICC cases against the President and his deputy. She succeeded.

She pulled the country from being an essential contact only pariah state to a global player both politically and diplomatically. Her leadership at Foreign Affairs Ministry has seen 50 global leaders visit Kenya. Former US President Barack Obama and the Catholic Church spiritual leader Pope Francis were notable visitors. This is no mean achievement.

At least 16 key summits have been held in Kenya. Fifteen major conferences took place in her first term as Foreign Affairs CS. These summits and conferences contributed immensely to the national income and the gross domestic product for the country. During her reign, Kenya surpassed Johannesburg as the most attractive destination of choice for summits, conferences and investment opportunities.

It should be noted that investment portfolio in terms of foreign direct investments hit 400 per cent in just four years of her leadership. Due to her aggressive foreign policy and practice, Amina has seen Kenya recognised and invited to exclusive international meetings.

President Kenyatta must thank her for enabling the President to sit, mingle and rub shoulders with the G7 group of countries which forms the most powerful economic and political bloc in the world.

The roads conference in China which the President attended is another opportunity created by Amina. During the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, she was appointed as an adviser to the Assembly President. She has been the most active woman in the Cabinet and it will be an affront to the woman fraternity in the country if this active civil servant is unfairly dropped.

Mr President, please retain Amina Mohammed in your second Cabinet. It is important for yourself, Kenya and the women of this country.

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