Kenyans agree with Ezekiel Mutua over indecency in local TV show

Kenyans on social media on a rare occasion agreed with Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua popularly known as ‘moral cop’ on matters regarding the quality of local shows.

Ezekiel, on a Facebook page on January 6 expressed his concern over the way a local program on Citizen television was aired.

The show, 10 over 10 airs on Friday nights hosted by Mzazi Willy Tuva and Joey Muthengi covers music and has a huge following of young people.

In his post, Ezekiel termed the show as one of the most obscene shows ever to be aired on the mainstream media in Kenya where young boys and girls are paraded in a diabolical show of scatology, engulfed in smoke, amidst blaring and deafening noise.

He criticized the lack of moral uprightness in the show calling it an epitome of indecency. “To have young boys and girls gyrating their bodies on each other like lunatics while being cheered on by irresponsible adults who call themselves show hosts is the most disgusting abuse of national frequencies.” read part of his post.

The CEO, known as the moral cop for his firm stand in fighting moral degradation said that although the program comes outside the watershed period (10 pm), the fact that young boys and girls are exposed to bad vices like alcohol, cigarettes, and condoms via adverts.

Calling it a discotheque on TV, Ezekiel proceeded to warn that the show violates regulation guidelines and called upon Kenyans to condemn it.

“This is not entertainment. It's using the precious airtime to destroy the moral values of our young people by providing a platform for them to behave badly.” read another part.

He also turned one on parents, saying they knowingly exposed their children to such vices. “While I blame Citizen TV for such blatant violation of decency, any parent who allows their kids to participate in such a show should equally shoulder the blame. Those kids don't cover their faces. They act live and their parents must be aware”, he continued.

In conclusion, Ezekiel made it known that KFCB has submitted a bill in Parliament to strengthen its mandate in content regulation.

Unlike many other times where Kenyans have termed Ezekiel’s remarks as being unnecessary, many agreed with him on this.

Here are some comments from Facebook; Several others asked him to move on to more important matters and 'let the young enjoy their youth';