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Kenya's tale of one nation, two sons, and two sides
By Charles Bazenga | Updated Nov 21, 2017 at 13:20 EAT
President Uhuru and NASA's Raila
  • What current political leaders are taking Kenya through is not with the country's interest at heart but politics for self-centered interests.
  • The two bulls locking horns is not a new thing but rather a continuation of what their fathers did years before today.
  • Kenyans should wake up and see through the deceitful democracy calls and look for leadership with real manifestos.

Kenya is literally and deniably under hostage by two sons of this nation's founding fathers. Their political battles have had now far reaching effects; economic gridlock, loss of property and worse of all, loss of lives. The argument that two communities are at war is fallacious. 

What we are witnessing now is far from a democratic power seeking process; it's a selfish endeavor by the two gentlemen to seize power.

Successfully, both of them have recruited generals and foot soldiers who have championed their interests without question. In return, the country has remained in a political limbo for exceedingly long/unacceptable time. 

They have inherited their fathers' political rivalry and won't tone it down. In fact, they are doing "better" than their dads in terms of disregard for each other, insults and accusations, dividing the country and such. As a result, the country's aspirations are becoming increasingly elusive. 

One of the ways to avert the crisis we are in, Kenyans would have woken up a long time ago and rejected them because theirs is more of a personal war and less of common good driven dreams...

Why this has been impossible is that each of these two leaders are 'feared' by the leaders in their parties; asking them to step down is literally writing one's political obituary.

None of the sycophants is ready to do so. If the indifference and the hardline stand demonstrated by both of them is anything to go by, then the people's interests proclaimed by them is a make-believe and not a reality. 

If indeed they cared for this lovely nation, they would have instituted a consultative forum in order to establish where the nation leaks. The main objective of this initiative would be to seal the leakages.

Leaders bring people together then rule them; dealers divide people then rule them.

To be able to bring the country together and end their existing sour relationship, they must put their self-interests aside and prioritize the interests of the country.

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