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Kenyans react to Thika's greatest bank robbery
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 21, 2017 at 09:29 EAT
Burglars made away with Ksh 50 M
  • Kenyans are still coming to terms with the well-organized robbery of Ksh 50 million from KCB Thika.
  • The three suspects arrested in connection with the incident are said to operate a stall close to the bank where they dug a connecting tunnel from.
  • There are suspicions that the three might have had an informer from the bank.

Three suspects, two men, and a woman have been arrested as suspects to the grand Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) theft.

The three allegedly accessed the bank's strong room through an underground tunnel and made away with Ksh 50 M on Sunday, November 19.

The three, who are said to have moved to Thika only three months ago disabled the bank's internal alarms and sensors.

They dug the roughly 70 cm (2.3 ft) square and running 4 meters (13 ft) tunnel in the eyes of Kenyans in the pretense that they were a landscaping company selling both natural and artificial grass as well as other plants.

Those who testified said they saw trucks of soil being carried away but they dismissed it as usual business.

KCB Thika where the Ksh 50 million was stolen from

The suspects are said to own a stall from which the tunnel originated and police suspect they used the oxy-acetylene flame to drill holes into the safes. 

According to a bank manager, they learnt of the robbery after they found the strong room open. He however assured clients that their money was intact.

“Customers seeking to transact can do so at any other KCB branch or access services through our mobile and internet banking platforms,” a statement from the bank read.

Kenyans, as usual, had something to say about it, with many expressing disbelief in the incident;

I think this is what they mean when they say HARD WORK PAYS. Guys dug their way to riches at KCB Thika. pic.twitter.com/W2mJI44b8F— Dr.Jesse (@YishaiYishai) November 20, 2017

50M stolen from KCB Thika. We are 45m if the thieves decide to give each Kenyan 1M they will still remain with solid 5 M
hahaha— Raymond Matata (@raymondmtetezi) November 20, 2017

But those KCB Thika bank thieves seriously planned for this job. Looks like a movie...Months of planning to get it Perfect!! #KCBTheft pic.twitter.com/rRiaXL52vz— Thee Trend Setter ™ (@xtiandela) November 20, 2017

Y'all thought Prison break was complicated, you will not believe how thieves stole Sh50m from KCB, Thika branch. To make it even more suspicious is the fact that this bank branch is near a police station. pic.twitter.com/E88rd2cj4y— The Trend Setter (@Ugaman01) November 20, 2017

The lazy ass thieves who easily snatch phones from slay queens should try and locate the KCB Thika branch thieves for internship.— Hirbae (@Kashembwe7) November 20, 2017

Prison Break is real! Michael Scofield is real! The KCB Thika Heist says so! 10metres deep, 35metres long! #KCBTheft #NTVNews @ntvkenya— JayP (@UncleJayP) November 20, 2017

Either these guys watched Prison Break with the team of Micheal, Linc, Teebarg when they were digging for money in Utah,, ama waliwatch Jason Statham Sana sana— Fredrick Langat (@atfredwa) November 20, 2017

Hehe for a thika guy I feel stupid I never thought of it.. Smh— ¯_(?)_/¯ (@PaulKuria) November 21, 2017

Hello KCB Group, why didn't your lions eat the thugs of the KCB Thika theft?— Imbwaga_Jnr (@imbwagajnr) November 20, 2017

As much as we condemn the action, we should recognize and appreciate the use of extreme levels of intelligence in conducting the operation!— JULIUS_OTIENO (@juliusotieno02) November 20, 2017

I swear this KCB Thika thing got me so proud of those Kenyans..na mnasemaga hatuna movie???????????????? pic.twitter.com/oJhScYqGlu— Jeffery (@mungai_jeff7) November 20, 2017

Just when we thought prison break wasn't real..the thugs in KCB thika did it.... pic.twitter.com/1JqGcoLzSo— Roberto21 (@roberto_2116) November 20, 2017

If those thieves who robbed KCB Thika ever get arrested,they should be given a contract to construct Pipeline and Donholm estate sewer lines and that will end the menace of raw sewage along Outering road.The tunnels they dug to get into the strong room was lit.— Kenipedia (@KennDanaus) November 20, 2017

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